Jogja Free Walking Tour | Jogja City Tour (Jogja Good Guide)

Jogja, is always a city that has something. It’s more than just a home to amazing temples and green natures, but its strong cultural foundation are reasons why people feel comfortable and keep coming back to stay.

There are bunch of amazing places to visit in Jogja, but we believe that the ‘real’ Jogja feeling can mostly be found in off-beaten track. That’s why we provide Jogja Walking Tour so that everyone can feel how it is to be Yogyakartans, and how beautiful the cultural foundation of the city.

In our Jogja Walking Tours, we will bring you to the areas that give the best sense to the city. We will explore old neighborhoods, walking through small alley, hidden old houses, and also the sights that has best stories to the city. Each tour has its own stories. The groups will be limited to only 15 participants per guide, in order to create a more interactive and intimate experience. If you want a more personal experience in private tour or your company group tour, simply send us email at


Jogja Free Walking Tour Routes

Jogja Good Guide provided free walking tour in four routes:

  • Kotagede
  • Kauman
  • Malioboro
  • Kotabaru

For the schedule, you can check it in registration form below.

Note: registration is needed. We still accept registration maximum 1 hour before the tour begin. 

Kotagede Walking Tour

In Kotagede, you’ll see more of Javanese original and traditional culture which has been hold by locals for hundreds of years. First, we’ll bring you to explore an old traditional market and make you try several snacks and of course ‘Jamu’ (a traditional drink and medicine for Javanese). Uniquely, the Jamu in this traditional market is made directly when the buyer order. MUST TRY!

On the other hand, Kotagede contains rich history from Mataram kingdom which was a kingdom before Yogyakarta sultanate since 15th century. And if you are lucky, you might get to see rituals to respect the ancient kings while we explore the King’s tomb.

The walk through lots of narrow alleys make you feel like walking through mazes while seeing lots of old houses that we built since 1700s – 1800s with its original Javanese architecture.

Duration: Approximately around 3 hours


Malioboro Walking Tour

Malioboro is our very first route in Yogyakarta and it takes around 2 hours walk. We’ll bring you to walk through Malioboro street and enable you to see Malioboro from different perspective while we walk through lots of ‘becak’ and street food stall in this shopping street.

While Malioboro in modern-day is a shopping street, it was the Dutch’s central government area politically and economically. So, this walk covers some of the most important landmarks of Jogja especially buildings left by the Dutch colonial. The best walk to join to know lots of things in the city centre.


Kauman Walking Tour

This tour last around 1.5 – 2 hours. Kauman was an area where ‘abdi dalem‘ or the royal servant lived in the past time. This tour will explore area near Keraton and see history of Yogyakarta Sultanate and social development in Muslim community in Kauman. It’s very interesting to see the social changes in Yogyakarta from colonial to the modern era.

In the middle of the tour, we’ll stop in an old mosque of the Yogyakarta Sultanate and see some multicultural symbols on its beautiful architecture.

Old houses, traditional markets and local’s village area lead you to see different persective of Yogyakarta in this tour. In the end, we’ll finished in the gate of Taman Sari or the so called as ‘Water Castle’.


Kotabaru Walking Tour

Kotabaru was a neighborhood for the Dutch community in early 1900s. It holds long history of Dutch colonialism and also Japanese colonialism as well as the fight of Indonesian to gain independence. Further, the old houses and buildings in Kotabaru also shows the combination of culture between Dutch and Javanese. Even if today the area has become a business area, the stories and traces are still lied there to be explored.

The tour lasts around 2.5 hours



So, register now and join let’s walk with us!

We will send you the meeting point information after you register for the tour.

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